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11th November, 2015, 10:55 PM
Hi !
I'm new on this forum and i'm very happy to get here. I have car alfa romeo 156 with engine 1.9 105hp, but this power it's for me not enought. When i get cable and winols i try to do something to improve performance, and finally i get more power but... maybe i do something wrong, and you can give me few advice. Now car is about 1,5 sec faster 60-100 on 3 gear, 1 sec faster in 80-120 on 4 and 5 gear. I try get more power with less consumption that i change 2 maps of soi also change duration map, smoke map, torque limiter,2x rail pressure limiter, rail pressure and iq limited by temp. I have stock turbo and pressure 1-1,1. I will be very grateful for any help. And sorry for my bad english, i hope that you understand me. :)


12th November, 2015, 01:22 AM
Is totaly wrong you must practice more and you missed turbo and overbust maps read more try to learn how car works heat the chair at the end hopefuly you will know how to do it proper way

12th November, 2015, 02:18 AM
1.9 jtd 105 and 2.4 136 has mechanical turbo, when i change maps of turbo pressure and overboost they doesn't make big efficiency, they do nothing. JTD on edc15c7 can raise turbo pressure by ecu but no edc15c5. In this engine only way to get better power is improve(change) IQ, Rail, Duration and soi. I know what you want to say me, when i make bigger pressure turbo then i get more power injection with 66 mg fuel like 70 mg when i dont raise pressure. Totaly wrong? Could you write what is wrong besides turbo pressure and overboost? In this engine i think that when i little change iq from 62 to 70 mg and raise rail pressure with longer duration i get better power. I now using this mod and car doesn't smoke or do any strange stuff. Thanks for your post :)

13th November, 2015, 02:16 AM
You choose corect maps byt calculations are not ok that is what i meant totaly wrong
turbo you can raise maps and you can manualy raise turbo by hand adjustment is not dificult you need to spend some time to recalibrate manualy with measuring with diag and you will get more power
you are on good way to learn it you have potencial
that i can say
regards kire
nobody is perfect

13th November, 2015, 08:14 AM
I think that like you say, calulations were made more or less and test drive. I couldn't find how do it properly. And question about mbc on turbo to raise pressure, when i do that car use more fuel when i drive "eco" because pressure will be set in stone? Thanks your very helpful for me, you point me good direction.

15th November, 2015, 01:57 PM
I have done few changes in driver wish, duration, smoke limiter, torque limiter. Did I feel any difference? No, car go that same.And i do on this map log. 341544

Maybe is max from this engine with don't raising turbo pressure?