View Full Version : Valeo S3000 problem

26th November, 2015, 10:14 PM
I have Renault Megane 2. 2005.year with automatic transmission.Engine is 1.6 16v benzin. ECU is Valeo S3000.It broke the gearbox and I installed the manual.Since that the problems started with the idle.
When I release the accelerator pedal, throttle stay for some time.It is normal for an automatic transmission but it is difficult to drive with a manual gearbox.I have read ECU with galletto 1250 and save damp.
I found on the net damp from such ECU but with manual transmission.I wrote it and engine would not start.Restore the original damp and everything is as it was.I find the third damp, write and end.The cooling fan runs constantly which is a good indication that engine ECU is wrong.When I try to write original damp Galletto say:

Errore seed key
Errore SK1-9

Question.Is there a way to make it right with galeto 1250 or Renault Clip.If no way which device can do.Does anyone have a suitable damp for this ECU but with manual transmission.
Thank in advance.