View Full Version : looking for good remap offer: 1.9TDI AHF with custom components

7th December, 2015, 01:11 PM
Hi guys,

I am looking for someone with experience in remapping VP37 with custom components, my specs are:

1.9TDI AHF engine with:
- intake ARL / EGR delete
- 0,216 BOSIO
- new GT1749VB with CAT delete
- new OEM 11mm Inj. pump from ALH automatic
- ERF 6shift gearbox with new clutch
- new N75 from ARL

My experience doesn?t go so far that I am capable of doing this remap by myself due to the bigger nozzles and 11mm pump, so I am looking for someone with profound experience.

If anyone is interested to make me an offer or if someone has a proper file, please send me a PNor drop a line here.