View Full Version : PASSAT PPD 1.5 boost presure regulation 16618

19th December, 2015, 10:03 AM
hawe problem o this car turbo sat off hig limit . bat that eror com on car weri weare . i check turbo on turbo servis they repair and clen turbo . stell i get that eror samtime wery weare . i nead to satoff car and on and car roon . i change senzor on turbo new . can sombady on map put litl higer , turbo sat off on mapp .i check on forum sombady solw that eror if turbo trn of on 3 bar pu in map 3,2 .
eror is 16618 bost presure regulation
p0234-006 limmit exekuted
fault prioriti 5
fault freqvency 1