View Full Version : Mercedes edc16cp31 problem

28th May, 2016, 06:36 AM
Please someone can help me i have a problem with mercedes edc16c31 ecu, i have read file by obd and i made egr off file when i write the file with mpps v13 i get error Conditions not Correct now car wont start i read ecu with bdm and i found org flash on internet but i don't know if is ok. if file ok can someone copy immo block from bad flash to new,
i have a original abrites , mpps v13 clone , kess clone and bdm

Here is bdm read :378117
here is mpps read :378118

28th May, 2016, 07:37 AM
the file that you called 1037375633.rar has no content that is empty FFFF !!! the reading is wrong ... this file is not useful ..

the file flasch and bad flasch are ok and they are identical CKS 4BAE ..

I think flasch is not the problem but that was corrupted EPROM files or mpc,,

I counsel you to find a bdm reading and decode partial immo..