View Full Version : SlY broadband blocking Kodi ?

30th May, 2016, 10:49 PM
I gave my mate my old Kodi box which was working fine. After about 3 weeks it seems that nothing works anymore, I have not had time to go and see for myself, and his technical knowledge is very limited. Is it possible that SlY broadband are blocking stuff his end ? I have no issues here with vermin broadband at all.

1st June, 2016, 09:24 AM

yes sly are blocking url's that allow the streaming of movies/tv shows there are loads of add-ons out that will allow you to use custom url's also on some routers there is a security feature they enable to block some stuff and requires you t go into the router and disable it to allow it again.

For sly shield, this is from the sly site on how to disable this feature.

Although we wouldn’t recommend switching your Sky Broadband Shield off, it is optional and can be switched off at any time.

Instead of turning it off, we recommend changing the setting to age rating 18. This means you can access sites suitable for adults while still being protected from malware-infected or phishing websites.

If any previously blocked websites are still displaying a blocked page after switching Sky Broadband Shield off, please allow 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.

Sign in to broadbandshield.sky.com with your Sky iD username and password. If you’ve forgotten your Sky iD details, you can retrieve your username or reset your password online.
Once you’ve signed in, scroll down the page and select Switch off.
If you change your mind you can switch on Sky Broadband Shield at any time by signing in to broadbandshield.sky.com.

also same method for vm, login to your vm account and disable virus safe.

1st June, 2016, 08:13 PM
Thanks for that info, I will call some time and alter his settings.