View Full Version : Problem with fap off swiftech Siemens PPD1.2 Leon TDI 170

2nd June, 2016, 02:43 PM
hello everyone !

I have a solution for Switech seat leon tdi170 ecu Siemens PPD1.2.
No problem it functioned very well not smoked.

But for some time the car displays a particle filter indicator few minutes before dying. (No limp mode) everything works.

this phenomenon happens almost every time on Highway 40 after 50km with constant speed cruise control.

I share you the original file + dpf OFF + swiftech a screen vagcom

a single error occurred that I do not understand because the number means nothing to me (maybe I wrong note this code on my paper ...) P00305 Banc1 / sonde1 it had to tell me everything ...

Do you have a solution ?

No volta or ecusafe ...

2nd June, 2016, 04:22 PM
Well the only way to do a proper DPF off, is by disable soot level via e2p file. If you want to do it by flash, you can use Swiftec or Volta solution but it only removes your DTCs and Limp Mode... You will need to max out your Limp mode Torque Limiter to get the max performance. it works but its not the best solution...

Hope can help ;)