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15th July, 2008, 04:51 PM
Firstly, I think this is my first post post on this site, however, I have,like others, had problems along the way, I looked at the posts that I thought related to my own problems, like others who post with problems I have been on a rollercoaster ride with the VBox and I will try to remember the pitfalls I came across and how I (with the informative posts on this site) resolved them.

I have a Dbox (this has offered very little setup or running problems) and a Euro V box which I originally bought for my brother. I removed my working Dbox and put the Euro V box in its place "No Signal" was on the screen, therefore I had to setup the eurovbox before I gave it to him,

I thought it would take half an hour max to setup (same time as the Dbox) 10 days later and some 14hours actual time I appear to have a fully working EuroVbox.
The first obsticle I encountered was freezing pictures or "Codes being updated" or "No signal",these appear to be all connected to the signal level being too low for the Euro V box where the Dbox was happy with the same signal.
With Laptop connected through a "USB to Serial Converter" connected to a "Serial Null Cable" (pins 2 & 3 crossed) I connected my laptop to the EuroVbox, I could not get them to commincate,on this site the are a few very good posts that explain how to connect (ISP/DNS settings), I cannot remeber the post that I adopted, but it worked after using those settings. LOOK FOR IT and follow it verbatum.
Having got the connection, I used "BigMaq" to get the files I thought I needed (Also the rollover keys are on this site in case you need them, DOWNLOAD THE "BIGMAQ TOOL BAR" because its very good for files and keys etc:)
I now had the files and the keys at hand and again read the posts explaing how to download the Flash file and UFL file (UFL Max3_Kuro3_18.04.08) is the one I used, downloaded the file and did a Power Scan.
That picked up about 20 transponders and from each transponder came about 15 channels (about 215 channels).
Ok, so far so good, finished the channel search and hey presto! (Freezing Pictures) damn I thought, but it was now personal between me and the box.

I now knew that all the software was in place in the Euro V box so it had to be the signal level, I put the D2box back, (There were no still no problems with the programmes on that) so I purchased a variable gain amplifier/splitter unit for ?45.00 and set both the D2box and the Euro V Box in different rooms.
The Dbox was working and the Euro V Box was still freezing, however, the formation of frozen picture on the Euro V Box appeared different than before (As though I had too much signal). I looked at the signal stregnth in the EPG and it was up at 92% wher it had been 8% to 70% before the introduction of the amp/splitter.
The amp/splitter had a variable gain so I reduced the signal . The Euro V Box started behaving at about 75% and the optimum picture appeared to be 72%
The D2box lost signal at about 40% and froze, The Euro V Box did not work below 60% or above 82%.

My System information is as follows
S/W ver 1.0 STC4 April 18 2008
H/W Ver 2.0t K5
Bootstrap v001
S/W Build Kuro

The moral of this story is that the Euro V Box is 'signal level, sensitive and no matter what software setup you adopt, you are wasting your time if the signal in not at the level it requires, wheras the D2Box is much more signal tolerent. If I come across any more hitches I will of course post them here.
Good Site ,Moderators keep up the good work for all the newbies like me who need all the help :dancing:we can get.

23rd July, 2008, 01:09 AM
Very useful post junger and thanks for that.

I have recently purchased the Eurovox EX5000 PVR and am spending too much time trying to fix it and get it to work properly.

Excellent point regarding signal sensitivity of the box.

Would you be able to recomend a suitable PVR box for the cable scene maybe?

23rd July, 2008, 05:49 PM
My other box is a Nokia d+box, maintenance free up to now