View Full Version : can anyone help to install bdm100 china clone

14th September, 2016, 04:09 PM
can anyone help to install bdm100 china clone

14th September, 2016, 07:51 PM
maybe google and youtube there is alot of info on "how to install bdm100"
not to be rude but u strugle to install your soft so what next when u try to read bdm file on ecu ............
but hey DK is here and we all must start some where :burnout:

14th September, 2016, 07:53 PM

14th September, 2016, 10:41 PM
Mate simple install, open cd, put in and use the readme,,,,
From memory China CLone, Bundled mini Disc, Multiple software,

look for BDM100 or CMD or MPC Folder,,,

Always a Handy Readme in there,

No Real issue on installing this Tool,

look at Google BDM100 or cmd1255 install, choose Videos, and BAM