View Full Version : Peugeot 307 CC 2.0 HDI RHR engine SID803A tunbed or not

16th September, 2016, 10:39 AM
Hello members. I have one car Peugeot 307 CC 2.0 HDI 136CV with engine ecu 5WS40323B-T SID803A. Problem is when accelerate between 3000 and 4000 RPM in gear 2 or 3 i get a cloud of smoke on exhaust. Car go very good, accelerate great. Turbo pressure goes to 2.5 bar maximum (2 and 3 gear at maximum load), so i guess everything is ok with turbo pressure. My question is next: It is this car tuned or not ? I am read file from ecu with KESS. File attached. Anyone can confirm me that ? If is tuned anyone have ori file ?
No DTC in car except was one P0001 fuel flow valve, but this error i am erase and DTC not come back
Data from KESS are:
HW: 9663337480
SW: 9662907180
VIN nr.:
SW ver.:
HW Ver.:
SW upg.: 9663607380

16th September, 2016, 01:35 PM
I think it's not mod.

16th September, 2016, 02:04 PM
OK, thank you.