View Full Version : It's Between You And The Seller...Nothing To Do With Kaos !!

24th September, 2016, 06:06 PM
Guys,I'm going to re-iterate this one more time for you....

If you buy/sell from/to someone else,be it on Kaos or any other forum,and you get stung,then it's YOUR problem,not ours !!

An extract from the rules as follows:

6. Trading(Selling/Buying/Advertising) on the forum is not permitted by any member, If you decide to buy/sell via PM, Digital Kaos is not responsible for the outcome, Trading is done at your own risk, Don't come crying to us when you get scammed or robbed, no advertising in your signatures this will be edited or removed.

32. Please DO NOT bring commercial/personal differences to DK Forums.We are NOT a middle ground to parties in dispute.

You will be removed from Kaos,if you keep posting about your bad luck,on the forums,or if I read on other forums that you're bad mouthing Mods here for not banning that person that stung you for money...

It's your problem...deal with it !!

Last word now spoken on the topic....thank you for reading this...