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28th September, 2016, 06:34 PM
First i want to say hallo to all here.
I am from Bulgaria, i am an architect and i dont have a job because of.... lets dont open this topic now. Doesnt matter.
I have about $1300 and i want to spent them to buy a chiptuning tool, softwares and what more you tell me i have to buy.
I dont have any idea of that, buy i want to learn. Please dont spam this... useless.
I am good at what i start. I have vcds and i have good experience with it, but this is not enought.
I want someone to explane me with simple words what i have to buy, from where and a few tips on how to use it.
I started the topic on this forum because i have read many, and found this to be the best, so... thanks for all you do here.
i was searching for kess master original...second hand, but no offers on ebay.
Now i found that there is a way to unlock kess slave, and this is good, but i couldn`t found information about.... what slave fw version should i buy? is that matter at all?

So...THANKS in advance, and hope someone will like to make me some intro.
*No Email Addresses or Social Media details please !
Hope to find info and ideas with you.

Thanks again!

P.S. I found this tool " dont know why when paste link it send to another tool" ... doesnt matter. The name in ebay is "kess v2 european 2.08 SW and 4.036 FW - NET SAFE HQ REWORKED PCB"
the guy who sell it is from Bulgaria... i tolked with him, he told me that he order pcb from china, make something with the chip and something with the firmware. He offered me to buy ecm titanium and winols last versions for about $80 each? can i find them for free or i have to buy them? what about the other cable adapters? tricore? can i buy them from everywhere or? any quality to recomend me for them?
He send me pic of the PCB into his tool : i atach it here400491

Is it look good enought or not to buy this?

28th September, 2016, 06:46 PM
They can PM you mate...