View Full Version : mss50 tuning file

4th November, 2016, 11:39 AM
hello my freind i have bmw e30 with s50b32 ecu mss50 i rad partiel dump with galletto 1260 i have this file 407971
I found in internet this tuning file I correct the checksum on WinOLS407972
my quetion and if I can inject it in my ecu without problem
this is tuning file without checksum407974

4th November, 2016, 06:45 PM
Engine will not start with that file, but it will not kill the ecu either, so you will be able to flash back to orginal file again.

The reason for this is that these files are made for different versions of program space data.

To make this file work you will have to do a full ecu flash with mss50.1 program space, the only tool that can do this by OBD is here https://chipster.no/index.php?_route_=Siemens-MSS5x-Flash-Tool-MS41-MS42-MS43-MSS50-MSS52-MSS54