View Full Version : Playing FLAC music on a Mac

8th December, 2016, 12:07 PM
I am not a Mac user, but my cousin is; he is also a technophobe!

I have a number of FLAC files which my cousin wants to play, and I have sent them to him on a brand new
USB3 stick, which is stated to be for Mac OSX.

The problem is, he says, "It won't play" !

I have no knowledge of Macs - hence this request.

Could someone please explain, in very simple terms, how he plays FLAC files on his Mac?

I would have expected the installed programs to play a common format such as FLAC, but appreciate that this may
not be the case. In which case what, hopefully free, program can be download to accomplish this?



Edited to add: I understand that VOX might be the answer to my cousin's problem, some questions though:-

Can it play direct from a USB 3 memory stick; and

Can it play direct from an external HDD ?

9th December, 2016, 11:48 AM
Would it not be easier to change flac to apple lossless or alac using audio converter?