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10th January, 2017, 11:35 AM

anyone can say it has to be made with BDM dual read and write or OBD single?


10th January, 2017, 12:18 PM
only bdm read is possible as far I know

15th September, 2018, 11:32 PM
hello fellow bmw friends! i need help with my BMW 745D
the car have been supposly been tried programed to remove dpf off, egr off and has been tuned. im not sure....problem is im not sure it has been programed correctly as only egr and pdf issues comes up on only DDE2/ECU2 Slave before it had fault codes also from DDE MASTER
the car runs very well but mostly in high rpm but still get fault codes and Message of emmisson limit after a wile and also in idel.
in impa i find the air mass sensor going first down then up from 2500 rpm, is this normal?
how is the Programming prosedure on these cars? true odb with kess or ntag to open up the ecu's and program each ecu? both at the sane time?
could i just copy over the map from the master to the slave with ntag? i belive the master is okay ass faults is on dde2
cat and dpf has been removed content. intake has been cleaned. swirl flaps locked in open posittion. motor runs without attachment.
rheingold procedure: Equalization controller: A Major fault is store for the air mass system.
check folloing causesof fault:
-Leak or obstruction at the air duct.
-Charge air hose fallen off.
will check but doupt this.
4373 Air Flow Mass not Plausible
3F35 Input Air Flow Control at Idle Speed

4D75 DPF System
4373 Air Flow Mass not Plausible
3F35 Input Air Flow Control at Idle Speed
4841 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Regulation 2 B2
4501 Exhaust gas recirulation, that will be the EGR bypass B2
41BA Exhaust Backpressure Sensor
475A Exhaust Backpressure Sensor- Bank 2

Datum: 14.09.2018 19:09:15 ECU: D63MM670 JobStatus: OKAY Variante: D63MM670 ------------------------------------------------------------
ERGEBNIS: 1 Fehler im Fehlerspeicher ! ------------------------------------------------------------
4373 4373 Plausibilitaet Luftmassen
Fehlerhäufigkeit: 16 Logistikzähler : 40
1. Umweltsatz Kilometerstand 244640 km
Motordrehzahl 1489.45 1/min Kühlmitteltemperatur 61.17 °C
angesaugte Luftmasse pro Zylinder 1 327.68 mg/Hub
Einspritzmenge 18.12 mg/Hub
angesaugte Luftmasse pro Zylinder 2 743.59 mg/Hub Ladedruck Istwert 1132.30 mbar Pedalwertgeber 25.20 % Batteriespannung 14500.44 mV Fahrzeuggeschwindigkeit 36.52 km/h Umgebungsdruck 984.61 mbar
2. Umweltsatz Kilometerstand 244656 km Motordrehzahl 1158.46 1/min Kühlmitteltemperatur 82.25 °C angesaugte Luftmasse pro Zylinder 1 403.30 mg/Hub
Einspritzmenge 14.18 mg/Hub
angesaugte Luftmasse pro Zylinder 2 686.87 mg/Hub
Ladedruck Istwert 1122.46 mbar
Pedalwertgeber 21.26 % Batteriespannung 14500.44 mV Fahrzeuggeschwindigkeit 42.44 km/h Umgebungsdruck 984.61 mbar
Differenz zwischen Luftmasse 1 und Luftmasse 2 zu hoch Testbedingungen erfüllt Fehler bisher nicht aufgetreten Fehler würde kein Aufleuchten einer Warnlampe verursachen Fehler in Entprellphase Fehler in Entprellphase Fehler in Entprellphase
Fehlercode: 43 73 08 06 00 00 10 28 77 74 36 6F 34 2E 76 73 20 59 25 64 77 76 2A 84 40 24 6D 72 1B 59 2B 64 ============================================
dirfrent betvine air mass 1 and air mass 2 to high
i belive i have seen in Reinggold D a diffrent backpressure from master 1.88mbar and slave 0mbar is this normal?

hope someone els have had this problem and can help

best regards
Per Ove