View Full Version : Santa Fe EDC16C39 tuning

7th April, 2017, 01:44 PM
I'm stucked with this car. According to diag, engine torque is limited about 360Nm and 63-70mg while desired is above 400Nm. I don't want to cheat the tune with duration increase, as it's calibrated for 100mm3 (85mg). I attached the ols file, so who knows hyundai EDC16 system, can check what I missed. I think about maybe lambda map what is limiting the power......
it's just a "fast tune trying" nothing is calculated "well"
Thank you!

8th April, 2017, 02:45 PM
Not every map is increased. You can make increase of rail pressure for this engine.
Torque limiter is not increased correct and to much fuel.

Try this file and give feedback.
Pass on P.M.

Kind regards from Belgium


12th April, 2017, 10:11 AM
I don't know why you increase Duration map and don't know what are theese maps: 1C53DE, 1C5444, 1EE6AA, 1EE6EC, 1EE72E you mod.
You increased Rail pressure(1727 bar) but rail limiter is mod only 1610 bar and single value rail limiter untouched.
Can someone switch off DTC P1586 to stop flashing glow plug light. This happens every hyundai EDC16C39 when programming OBD :/.
Thank you!