View Full Version : HELP!!! SIEMENS MS41 .0 - 5WK90321

11th April, 2017, 08:22 AM
Hello everyone!

I am in need of assistance, to cut a long story short, I took my vehicle (E36 328i with MS41.0 5WK90322) to get a piggy back chip added on to improve fuelling due to all my engine mods (M50B25 intake , E36 M3 exhaust headers and E46 M3 injectors) and the tuner shorted out my MS41.0 ECU, I have no idea how.

I have acquired another ECU from a 323i E36 (5WK90321 - 1432401), I believe the unit can be flashed with a 328i map, at this point I'm quite desperate, as I had the IMMO deleted off the old unit due to some EWS issues. Would it be possible for a kind soul to at least delete the IMMO/EWS off, also if anyone has a tuned file for the above-mentioned mods, I would be eternally grateful. Sufficed to say, I will not be installing the fuelling chip any longer in case it happens again. I have attached a full read dump extracted via MS41 flash tool from Chipster.