View Full Version : cobra1423 new image coming soon v0.0.6 with sly sports , movies hd channels

21st August, 2017, 03:24 AM
Hi everyone
its been a while since my last image but I decided to get back on board with a new image v0.0.6 testing is going very well you will be able to watch all your favourites sly movies sports etc in hd I will be doing a guide to install in easy steps I will upload it on this Friday I'm just finishing of the final touches watch this space.
Cheers cobra1423

hi everyone image version v.0.0.6 download here------------------------->> DOWNLOAD https://1drv.ms/u/s!AumxOtLxM4pcg3p7_jJTJU-n4TGh
ok you need to setup your
1. ABM to you city
2. setup your usb and hdd if you have one (to setup your usb use usb format tool press blue button twice)
3. setup iptv bouquet maker in plugins ask me for username and password
any questions just ask
ps. if you want to expand your dm800 to your usb so you can install lots of plugins and skins then when you come to format your usb make 2 portions one for picons and epg the other for universe example when mounting usb one portion would be /dev/sdb1 /universe and /dev/sdc1 /media/usb once you have mounted universe this will let you setup teleportation this will let you have 4 different setups and you can jump from one to the other have a play around see how it goes.

cheers cobra1423