View Full Version : kodi box could kill you

5th December, 2017, 07:57 PM
just read a article by the electrical safety first, who tested nine android boxes and none came up to uk safety regulations . there advice is unplug it immediately as they could pose a fire risk, and advise to check if there is a ce mark on box indicating it meets regulations. on the face of it that sounds quite reasonable except these findings were backed by fact federation against copyright theft.:hmmmm: odd

3rd January, 2018, 08:15 AM
yeah and it tells you right away fact is against the kodi scene
as they know they can not win the battle

asking a company which is a charity to do testing on kodi boxes.

but they will not tell the public or release the report or what boxes where tested and failed
as its confidential report.

other meaning bullshi* and you know the manfactories would sue them

never believe anything FACT SAYS

as its all bullshi*

same goes with the media publishing in the papers saying kodi box not safe destroy them now.

in the mean time people leave there cell phones plugged in
which are more likely going to catch fire.