View Full Version : Kia Sportage crdi 2013 looking for Stock 1037516193

18th May, 2018, 07:19 AM
Read the combiloader through the OBD connector for 3 hours. I chose the 17cp14 tripot3 reads, and if the tripot11 writes the controller type is not correctly chosen. So he was read through the OBD as a trypot3, I note that after completing the record, combiloader wrote about the successful operation. Eventually. The checksum is incorrect. Since the module bsl 17 recounts ks. After unsuccessful manipulations I went with the owner of the car to another city to a comrade for 100 km. When I tried to read the PCM Flasher identified it as TRPOT11 tried to write down with the recalculation of the cc that I thought. Everything went fine about the miracle. The block signed up. I began to give out identities, faults and errors in the motor-motor as it lay on the table. And I think everything. Now attention ... When you try to write the mod the unit has stopped communicating. The processor is very hot. How do I respond in a letter to the developers of the combiloader. You got a monster trpot3 in the trpot11 block.
I am looking for a working couple of stock and herprom.
Block bought but the software is different, tied to the car, the car left to wait for the replacement of the processor, the owner says that the car seemed to have lost horses 40 although the firmware of the tun. No ignition on the start stop button, immediately start.