View Full Version : Audi 2.0TDI BRE (dpf) engine software exchange to BLB (non-DPF)

5th June, 2018, 04:04 PM
Hello Everybody,

Is it impossible to change software from DPF version engine (BRE) to non-DPF version (BLB), DPF switched off but this is not enough, because I have changed exhaust camshaft from non-DPF engine and instaled catalyc converter. engine have juddering problems...I know that audi A6 do not have software for automatic transmision without DPF, with BLB engine only manual??? maybe from audi a4?

I have tried change in software SOI all maps with selector and duration maps with selector, its better situation on idlle but after engine start I have ~3sec engine judder and then ok...maybe need to exchange something more??? so I thought maybe its best way to change all software from non-DPF version...and maybe someone can help me to find LAMBDA PROBE (G39) switch?

THANKS in advance!

Car Info:

2007 Audi A6 2.0TDI BRE Multitronic (JZJ)

Engine Ecu: 0281012169, 03G906016GC, sw: 383797, 9642.