View Full Version : Sprinter 211 22CDI 80kw edc16c31 rate tuning map

26th July, 2018, 11:36 AM
Please can you rate my tuning map? Car is Sprinter 211 22CDI 80kw 2007 EDC16CP31.
Files ori and power in attachment

Thank you

27th July, 2018, 10:16 PM
So report:
Not a good map.
Won't destroy the engine but no power gain at all.
- Torque limiter not touched
- Driver's wish - 10% increased
- spray time - 10% increased
- boost - 9% increased
- rail pressure - 3% increment (not that bad but no rail pr limiter touched = no difference)
- no SOI touched
- boost -> temp touched...this is not boost limiter, this is a calibration map - boost pressure according to temp...you increase desired boost by 8% and you increased boost X temp map with 8% which results in even higher boost exceeding the boost limiter causing it go to limp if too much pushed ;) also make the car laggy
- Boost map increased from 1200RPM up which will make it even more laggy
- N75 map exceeds 100% at low rpm which will make the exhaust gasses struggle to leave the piston chamber...makes it even more laggy and increases turbo temps - you will catch a "purple turbo" disease because of overheating + overrevving turbo shaft axis (in higher rpms)...you must lower the map becaue of more gasses exiting through the turbo making it overrev but you did the opposite.
- No lambda map touched
- No IQ touched

Overall: Percentual tune - super random stuff, not for learning nor for using!
Sorry for the disappointment.
Hope that was helpful.

Best regards,