View Full Version : Upgrading ECU Software

12th August, 2018, 11:27 AM
I've got an Alfa 159 2.4 with EDC16C39, hw: 0281012146, sw: 382794
I've attached my dump, I used BDM100 with DimSport 555

I've also found another full dump ori file online that reports to be the same hw and sw version as mine, however it's got a number of binary differences.
Is there a good reason for these differences?
Are all the car specific identifiers in the separate eprom file or are some in this main firmware?

I've also found another full dump for the same hw but a newer (higher?) sw number. Is it safe to flash this onto my car to upgrade the ECU?


On a related note, I'd like to adjust my EGR to not completely disable it, but to just avoid the sluggish patch I often get around 1800 rpm. Is this something commonly done at all?

13th August, 2018, 11:08 AM
they are three different files from each other

13th August, 2018, 12:07 PM
Yes they're 3 different files.

The one that ends in Mine comes from my ECU.
The second one I found on another post here, it's supposed to be an original from the same ecu hw model and same ecu software version, so I'm wondering why it isn't the same as mine?
The third is also from online, it's the same hw model as mine, but newer software. I'm wondering if I can flash it to upgrade my ECU to the newer version.

I used WinOLS to confirm that they're the hw & sw version's as reported in the filenames.