View Full Version : Peugeot 207 Magnet Marelli IAW 6LPC

12th October, 2018, 01:06 PM
Hello friends, I bought a kess v2 5.017 from china so I want change some thing about my car software. But I can't connect to my car ( Peugeot 207 2007 KFU 1.4 16 v) ecu from obd. Actually I can connect from obd but I cant backup my software just I can see ID Read and Recovery the other way Kline but when I try to connect on kline with obd cable I get a fault message ( Wake up error ) so I need help for this problem. I think, kline doesn't allow to connect from obd. Do I have to remove ecu for kline connect ?

My ecu: Magnet Marelli IAW 6LPC

13th May, 2019, 08:38 PM
I have some problem with this car and ECU. I was hanging on an external power adapter, I was slowing down to the minimum and nothing else. But he always gives that error wake up. I tryed this ECU in the table, some effect. My Red Kess is new, i connect the first time to this car. Finally, I used it Galletto v54, no problem read this ECU.