View Full Version : Golf MK3 90Hp Bosch MA1.2.3 Creating accurate XDF definition

25th October, 2018, 06:11 PM

New to this forum but it seems like there could be some good knowledge amongst the members here.

I have a VW Golf Mk3 with the 90Hp 8v ABS engine which i am currently running on E85 with raised fuel pressure.

These engines have the Single Point Injection throttle body, and the ECU is a Bosch MA1.2.3. These systems came in a lot of VW models in the later half of the 90's.
Before that there was the Mono-Jetronic, which didn't have Immo among other things. Anyway, those of you reading this thread probably knows all of this so i will not digress any further.

I have created a fairly substantial XDF for this particular ECU, and i basically would like some help defining the maps.

As mentioned before, i run E85 in this car. It runs fine in temperatures down to about 0 degrees celcius. Below that it runs a bit rough and are a bit hard to start. So mainly i need to know which maps are the cranking, warmup and acceleration enrichment maps, to be able to fine tune them for colder weather so that the engine gets the ammount of fuel needed for colder temperatures.

Furthermore, it would be nice to know what equations to use on the ignition maps, how to do immo off, so i don't have to worry about the key losing its code, and maybe also finding the correct location of the rev limit and how to accurately calculate it.
I already know the scaling of the POT maps from using ECM Titanium, and i think i have found the Rev limit. Though i'm not sure about the last.. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, here's some info:

SW Nr: 1 267 358 675
ECU Bosch nr: 0 261 203 707/708
ECU VAG nr 1H0 907 311 P

BIN and XDF is attached within the zip file.