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3rd September, 2008, 11:27 PM
Hello all,

Just purchased the Eurovox 1000 SL and now just waiting to receive it. I've read as much as humanly possible about it and think I know how to set it up (think im looking more forward to that than watching any channels at the moment!). However, there are a couple of questions I have about the actual cable splitting.

I already have a 2 way cable splitter put in for TV and Broadband and have bought a 3 way splitter. As I understand it, I have to switch off the modem and Vbox at the mains whilst I install the splitter so that it doesn't "talk back" and V****n can't tell that im unplugging the cable to set up the splitter. Does this sound right?

Secondly, is there any tools that I need to tighten the cable to the splitter? Just that when I got the box installed, I had to send an engineer round as it wasn't working properly and I remember him tightening the cables but im not too sure as I wasn't paying attention.

Finally, if I was to upgrade my internet speed will they have to send someone round to do anything or do they just press a button and shoot up my speed from their end?

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EDIT:Sorry one more quick question, after all is done is it safe to use the Vbox for ondemand and ordering films?

4th September, 2008, 09:02 AM
You do not have to unplug anything from the mains whilst changing the splitter, although it maybe good practice to do so, then everything will boot up correctly. Dont know where you got the talkback thing from. VM are not bothered if you unplug the box.

The splitter will be fine if the cable is screwed on finger tight, there is no need for any tools.

Any BB speed upgrade is done at VMs end. You will not need an engineer to call unless you have a problem after the upgrade, or you require a new modem to get the 20mb speed. Even if you do need a new modem XVM can send this through the post for you to connect yourself.

You can use your V+ box as normal.

Hope this helps.

4th September, 2008, 01:54 PM
Thanks very much for responding, just had to clear up a few minor niggles in my head!