View Full Version : Chrysler 300c 3.0 crdi Cold start improve

6th December, 2018, 09:14 AM

This car starts perfectly when warm and after 5-6 hours again problem.... You have to crank long time... I think fuel is the problem.
Glow plugs are new and they work okay. I check fuel pipes, but I can not find the problem, fuel fitler is new... There is no any light or dtc on car...

So here I attach file if someone can make any mod for better cold start.


file uploaded to ufile, because I can notattach it on site

6th December, 2018, 09:33 AM
check fuel pressure, you have injector faulty or a high press fuel pump that don't reach the fuel target

6th December, 2018, 09:38 AM
Can be this increased somehow? Because hot start imediatelly without any problem and friend have this car from new, it has only 90.000 km.