View Full Version : Collection of useful info/Link on ECUs, Remapping, SOftware, Hardware, ETC...

22nd February, 2010, 11:33 PM
Hi all,

I have been playing with the thought of ECUs and read / write etc... but have not been able to gather sufficient amount of info on the subject. such as

- source of original files
- understanding of protocols
- prog languages
- prog methods per ECU type / protocol
- What reader to use on which modules
- how to remap, alter existing maps (problems, methods, equipment) etc...

I really would like to learn about it all, but there doest seem to be a lot of info available... I have gone to learning shops, local higher educations, institutions to enquire about courses, but no luck. On the net i have found a few but none of them boost me with confidence.

Anyone any ideas?

Which way should i be looking?
What would be the best approach?
Who do I ask / trust?

Where do I start really.....

SO I thought i create a new thread and would like ask you all if possible not the post ads, or companies that do these I know you can find a lot of them online. I really would like to learn and and hopefully start a thread (that will be full of useful posts and links) for those who feel the same way.

Thanks in advance.


25th February, 2010, 12:25 AM
The best way to learn is to try!

To learn about ECU remapping and the general ECU industry, I found most of the information on the net very very useful! Try and speek to companies that already do it!

There are lots of tools on the market that will do the job well (Powergate, Dimsport Genius, KESS, CMD Optican etc) and some that require abit more knowledge to use properly (KWP , Galletto, BDM etc)

Most of what i know is from speeking to people who have actually done most cars/Vans/Trucks. there knowledge is second to none and most are willing to give advice, and even tips on what to use on what vehicle!

With regard to modifying Maps a program which will read BIN files ( Mainly BIN files which are read) you can find on the internet, But be very careful about modifying certain parts of maps, and the files can include Imob settings, EGR and speed limiters etc

quick post really, hope this helps a little!