Back in 2012 @slugworth was kind enough to post a link to the source code for AliEditor. Unfortunately the code is from 2008 and does not support the latest Ali processors.
I found a later AliEditor executable from 2014, which works for me, but all the same I would like to find the original source, or at least snippets which will work for the latest processors.
Unfortunately, the script files which are included, are of no help. I believe one of the most important parts for understanding the layout of the .abs file is in the UploadDlg class.

I decompiled the 2014 executable and tried to compare the output with the source code from 2008, but it's a daunting task and would take me weeks/months to decipher.

AliEditor is written with MFC and is thus not dependent on .NET and all the latest Windows gadgets and so will run on very old hardware.

So, if anyone has a link to the latest source code it would be more than appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.