Macbook pro A1502 802-3476 EMC2875 hebernation mode
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    Default Macbook pro A1502 802-3476 EMC2875 hebernation mode

    Hello everyone,

    I have a macbook pro A1502 820-3476 which had a Sierra High OS, after formatting it under Windows 10 it became very slow, I decided to return it as before, the formatting went well but the charging of my macbook was interrupted then I turned it on to continue the installation of mac Sierra high OS and it finished well; but after turning it off and on again, it doesn't turn on .
    after a search on the net, I found that the macbook has entered hebernation mode which is popular on macbook 2010 to 2014.

    I would be grateful if anyone could help me resolve this issue if it is coming from the bios.

    Apple MacBook Pro A1502 (820-3476-A)
    Macbook pro A1502

    Main-Board : 820-3476-A
    Serial n : C02NF2AJG3QT
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