Hello, i'm Eduard and 28 Years old.
I'm from Germany and i like Diesel Volvos.
I'm driving a V70 II D5 for 10 Years and over the years i tuned it with some help from forums and a tuner from Germany.
I get into tuning 6 years ago with a cheap MPPS V12. Now i have many devices, like K-Tag, Kess V2, Galleto, MPPS V18 and so on.
My V70 has a Stage 1 Remap, DPF delete, complete EGR Removal with custom aluminium Intake Pipes and dual nozzle Water Methanol Injection.
I'm state certified technical engineer and i work as a technical product designer and i "draw" several mixers for different purposes.
I am a newbie at remap. Most times i just do copy and paste for remaps or just EGR and DPF Offs.