Launch x 431 pro PROBLEM.
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    Default Launch x 431 pro PROBLEM.

    hi to everyone,

    i have had purchased a Launch diag from someone it's was an offline version.
    the adapter is GoloCarCare and after i received the adapter seller has joined through Teamviewer and has downloaded / unpacked some software's
    and he told me that to connect my phone and MOVE a folder which is called "cnlanuch" in C hard drive..

    i have copied it, and then from phone i have installed the APK file and diagnostic has worked perfectly until now, i didn't had any issue.

    my previous phone is gone, now i tried same folder to move into new phone it doesn't work.

    i see all icons, all car brands.. but when i try to connect it gives me an error..
    "Diagnostic service failure , please start it again"

    sometimes it gives

    "GetBoxInfo Failure"

    and sometimes

    "Disaccording between the software serial No and Smartbox serial No, please download and upgrade again or contact dealer..

    any solution what to do ? how to solve the problem??


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    Yea i have the same problem with my old xdiag from works with android 6 and 7 but now i have android 11 and nothing works
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