Is my LAN hardware dead?
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    Default Is my LAN hardware dead?

    Hello friends, I am almost sure I have a LAN hardware problem, but I would like confirmation by some of you wizards. Everything was ok with my DM520HD until yesterday when I noticed I could not upload a channel list. I looked at the network configuration in settings and everything seemd ok except there was no link showing and a netwrok test failed on ip address and got these resutls:LAN adapter LAN connection green
    Local Network Disconnected red

    DHCP Enabled green
    IP address unconfirmed red
    Nameserver unconfirmed red

    Changing from DHCP to fixed ip does not solve the problem either. The lan is ok and the ethernet cable connection to the box is also ok. I have changed the cable twice and also changed the router but the problem remains. The odd thing is that sometimes the lan green and red lights flash, especially just after plugging in a lan cable, but then they go off and stay off even during a manual network test. If I go into flash/recovery mode from switch on the recovery boot screen stops on the dhcp search.

    My question is: could this beheaviour be due to some software or firmware misconfiguration or can I be sure this is a hardware fault?
    If it is a hardware fault I could use a wifi usb adapter. Could you suggest one that does not require any additional drivers?

    Many thanks

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    Try to reflash box. You can buy wifi adapter with ralink 5370 chipset.



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