Hi Guys!

I just need a little help with something here. A customer of mine has an Iveco Daily (year is 2006, and the system is CR/EDC 16C-8 according to Bosch) that has a built in speed limit of 120km/h, which he wants me to remove. I have ECUsafe, but I haven't done such a thing before. Can anyone explain how is this possible exactly? As I understood you have to read the data from the ECU (I'm not new to that though, I have removed immo's before), but what I don't know is how. Do you just simply use KWP2000 for example and get the data from OBD, or do you have to get it from an EEPROM or an MCU inside the ECU? Also do you guys know if ECUsafe can help me with this? I've checked a few similar threads, but as I see people mostly use other ways to remove the speed limit.
So if anyone can give me some advice with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.