Hi Team,

I have a small video server media based on PLex plattform. Beside that i have some BUD dishes on the roof in witch i use to recive serveral FTA ( Free to air) satellite channels.

Particullary now, im tring to make a broadcast of some of those channels into my Plex Platform. The main concern i have now , itīs how can i do this?. For sure using an encoder should be the best way to do that, but also really expensive. So thatīs why i start thinking in the possibility to extrect the video signal form my Openbox V6 trough the ethernet port to my Plex Server. i know could no make sense, but iīm just asking you, because i really donīt know if itīs possible to do this. All range of recomendations are for sure wellcome!. thanks for your valuable help! regards