Neek2o Setup and installation guide
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    Default Neek2o Setup and installation guide

    Ok here goes then..Same as usual READ EVERYTHING.

    List of requirements...

    1. External hard drive must be formatted to fat32 with 32kb clusters. If your hdd has multiple partitions you MUST use the FIRST partition.

    2. SD card 16mb is enough or bigger if you prefer but no bigger than 2gb and not sdhc. formatted to fat or fat32.

    3. Modmii version 4.7.6 or higher.

    4. Patience...Do not try to rush this it doesn't take long.

    1. HDD preparation....If like a lot of us your wii has been modded for a whiile then your hdd will be formatted to wbfs, this will need to be changed to fat32 but you don't want to lose or transfer all your backups.....Try this
    This has been reported as not working for everybody so if you have time transfer the games then convert to fat32 and move them back.
    The next problem you may come across is that your pc is windows xp and can only format 32gb as fat32 you will need to use this program EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET MAKE SURE YOU FORMAT THE CORRECT DRIVE/PARTITION You only have yourself to blame if you lose any data.

    2. SD card preperation. Insert sd card into pc go to my computer and right click sdcard. select format from dropdown and pick either fat or fat32.

    3. Grab modmii from

    4. You are now ready to go.

    Launch modmii on pc I won't go through the first instruction cause if you can't follow that bit you have no right trying to go any further.

    Select "S"
    Select "3"
    You now have a choice if you want to load your backup games from usb hdd then choose UNEEK+DI "UD" (this is the method we will be using as it suits most people).
    If you store your backup games and wiiware on sd then choose SNEEK/SNEEK=DI "S/SD"

    Now select "D" this will copy the required sd files (required for all setups) to the modmii folder on your pc.
    Now select "D" again this will copy the hdd files to the modmii folder.

    Select the region you wish to build a nand for. I would recommend you use a nand region the same as your original. If you have backups from different regions you can build another nand later. But I'm sure most of your backups are in the original region of your wii.
    "U" USA
    "J" JAPAN
    "K" KOREAN

    You now have a choice of wii versions I suggest "4.3"

    Now select "Y" to have the homebrew filter channel

    Now select "Y" for cios 249 rev 14 (required for some apps and wiiware)

    Now select whether or not you require NMM. If you use gamecube games select "Y" if not and have no intention of using them select "N"

    Now select "Y" to install priloader to emu nand

    Now select "Y" for emu compatible usb loader joyflow (wiiflow based)

    Now select your emu nand theme (optional)

    Now select what channels you want on emu nand (optional)

    Now select "Y" to buid your nand and file structure folders.

    You will get a popup box saying you are now complete..Just leave it where it is and wait 3 or 4 mins and in the main modmii window it will say at the bottom complete press any key to return to main menu.

    That's it you are now ready to transfer the folders from the modmii folder on your pc to the relevant places..

    Copy the contents of the COPY TO SD folder to the sd and copy the contents of the COPY TO USB to the hdd you prepared in Section 1.


    Use Digital Kaos - Downloads - Wii backup manager 0.4.0 build 65 to transfer any iso game files you may have saved on your pc to your fat32 partition. This will create a wbfs folder and install the backups into it in .wbfs format.

    Plug the hdd into the wii and put the sd card into the wii (both prepared earlier)

    Launch HBC then select mmm and navigate to wad manager, press "a" to load from sd then navigate to wad and install neek2o channel wad.

    Go back to wii system menu and select neek2o as you would any other usb loader. This will launch your emu nand and may take a bit of time on first boot.
    I would recommend a temp sync with home button if the emu nand is not going to be used as your primary nand. Or you will need to re sync to your real nand.
    To return to your true nand and wii system launch the neek2o channel in your emu nand setup. This will reload the original system menu.

    That's you all done.

    Follow the instructions and you will have no problems but if you get stuck just shout up.

    It has been reported that wifi is not very stable so this setup may not be ideal for your online play just yet. Not to much of a problem as this launches just like a usb loader.
    Wifi will work perfectly if you have used your own wii's serial number in the nand of the same region by copying the "shared 2" folder from an original nand backup dump that had a working wifi connection but the password for wifi must still be the same so it was on the nand backup. Easiest way to be sure is to do a nand backup then dump the nand to copy the folder needed. Don't forget to delete the nandscfg file from the sneek folder in the hdd or changes to your nands folder will not be recognized.

    Edit................whenever adding or removing games from the fat32 partition you must also delete the diconfig file from the sneek folder or the new games will not be recognised same goes the opposite way deleted games will stay on the list....Neek2o will create a new diconfig file when launched
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