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I know this thread is old but I'm having problems with neek2o
I folowwed all steps and installed neek2o, I use a 216 GB USB flash drive for my games and it's formatted to FAT32 with 32 Kb clusters.
when I start the neek2o from wii menu it just flashes back after a while to wii menu again would you please help
Have you remembered to put a game on the drive as this is the most common cause for neek2o jumping straight back to original nand closely followed by incompatible drive. Neek2o is very picky. Keith a syscheck won't really help you with this issue as neek2o doesn't run on custom ios it runs a simulated nand on original ios which is why it is so compatible with games. Pry the same can't be said about it's compatibility with drives.