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    Default Flat Earth

    I've not seen this mentioned on here, but I could be wrong.

    I've just been reading the Flat Earth Wiki. I won't bore you with all the details since you can all read, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this - unless you're all in a conspiracy to fool everyone into think your can read when you can't of course. Anyway it's well worth a read, especially for conspiracy nuts, which appears to be the case in this forum. Main site

    The Flat Earth Wiki

    and a few FAQ's below for those who conspire not to read for themselves, as some users do, or don't as the case may be

    Q: "Why doesn't water run off the Earth?"
    A: You may notice that in this model, Antarctica is a great ring around the disk. This stops the water from escaping. Antarctica as a continent does not exist except in the Wilmore model.

    Q : "Why is the North pole colder than the equator?"
    A: The sun circles over the equator, so the poles do not receive the same intensity of light.

    Q: "What about Lunar Eclipses?"
    A: A celestial body, known as the antimoon, passes between the sun and moon. This projects a shadow upon the moon.

    Q: "How come the travel time by air from South America to New Zealand, via the polar route, is SHORTER than the travel time going North first and then South again?"
    A: The airline pilots are guided by their GPS. Remember that satellites do not exist. The replacement data given from pseudolites deliberately throwing distorting all the paths to make it the flights take different times. The curvature of these paths can add or subtract great distances without the overall turning being obvious to someone traveling it.

    Q: "If you go directly south won't you eventually fall off the edge of the Earth?"
    A: Yes, you will. In order to use this fact as proof you need to record a video of someone flying directly south around the world without falling off the edge. Furthermore you need to prove that your navigational equipment allows you to travel directly south without deviating.

    Q: "What about the stars, sun and moon and other planets? Are they flat too? What are they made of?"
    A: The sun and moon, each 32 miles in diameter, rotate at a height of 3,000 miles above sea level. As they are spotlights, they only illuminate certain places. This explains why there are nights and days on Earth. The stars are at a height of 3,100 miles above sea level, which is as far as from San Francisco to Boston. In the dark energy model, the celestial bodies are spherical and are made of ordinary matter. These spheres are being held above the Earth by DE.

    Q: "What is underneath the Earth?"
    A: This is unknown. Some believe it to be just rocks, others believe the Earth rests on the back of four elephants and a turtle.

    .... I reckon the Turtles name is Atuin...

    Q: "Why do the all the world Governments say the Earth is round?"
    A: It's a conspiracy......

    This is my favorite:

    Q: "What about satellites? How do they orbit the Earth?"
    A: Since sustained spaceflight is not possible, satellites cannot orbit the Earth. The signals we supposedly receive from them are either broadcast from towers or any number of possible pseudolites. However, temporary space-flight is possible.

    If that's the case, and I get caught hacking satellite TV (as if anyone would ever do that), can I claim that since teh Earth is not flat and has no satellites then I cannot possibly be guilty of such an offence????

    Anyway, have fun
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