How to enter a code:
1- Press TV button on your dream remote
2- Press on SHIFT/Set-up button for 3 seconds and TV button will blink twice
3- Enter the suitable code that matches your TV - if it does not work, try another code
4- Your Done - the Remote should now work with your TV

If u want to use the remote for the Dreambox just press the Dream button and to use it for Tv press the Tv button.

Codes can be got here click here

If none of the codes work with your TV, you can use the find code method:

1.Push the ?TV? button on your DM control once
2.Keep the ?setup-SHIFT? button pressed until the red led of "TV" button flashes twice
3.Type the code: 9 9 1
4.Push the buttons ?Power ON-OFF? and ?TV? (in this sequence: first ?Power ON-OFF? and then ?TV? ) alternately until your tv-set switches off.
You have to be patient with this step.In some cases you have to push this button combination up to 100 times.
5.When your tv-set switches off push the button ?setup-SHIFT? once.
With this step your remote keeps the code of your tv into the memory.