There are two totally separated brands: "Original Lishi Tools" is the inventor Mr. Li brand , all tools are designed and manufactured in mr. Li factory. "Genuine Li~~~~ools" is a trademark of Tradelocks , a U.K. Company which used to market mr Li tools but no longer the case. Mr. Li just announced his first ever HU39 2-in-1 at Just Cars, USA, please watch who is to copy/follow mr.Li tools, we have seen these followers/copy houses in the past, I would not be surprised if HU39 is copied again.

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I have a couple with Mr Lee face - they are "true" genuine (i assume) from Apollo locks
but then i assume Apollo locks also had old stock with his face

i think you'll find those 2in1s the best quality

BE CAREFUL where u buy from - cheap is not always best !!!