Like most ppl using TSmedia has its ups and downs ( mostly ups ! ) so to give the plugin every chance I wanted to update all files in the library . At first I went into the plugin / updates / library , here the files are green ( installed ) blue ( update ) or grey ( install ) , I tried to install files highlighted in grey but couldn't . I then went to TSpanel / Addons / TunisiaSat Addons / TSmedia library , and same result , all files I need to install begin with Libm , Libq and libr , ( see images ) when I try to install I get an error message ( see images ) IMAG0146.jpgIMAG0148.jpg , Question is do I need the files and where can I get them ? . Also the file "TSmedia_channel1_fixe_1" seems to install but on restart its not installed ? . Cheers!