Constant E74 errors. How to permanently resolve ??
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    Default Constant E74 errors. How to permanently resolve ??

    Hi there,

    Have been constantly, patching my son's xbox 360 (Phat Falcon MB) with a never end of list of additions but it keeps on red lighting and the E74 error is a favourite. So far i have:-
    1. Removed X-Clamps
    2. Remove heat sinks and old thermal paste
    3. Run a heat gun over it
    4. add new clean Artic 5 thermal paste and reassembled with better heat sinks (copper / elevated sink on GPU and square heat sink on CPU)
    5. I have also cut out a 20mm hole in the top casing and fire down a huge amount of cool air through the heat sink vents and the either out of the back of the xbox or out the sides (have got Whisper fans on the back too)

    The thing is it's become more of a personal challenge, than a quesiton of getting a new one and I want to get it resolved fully.

    My questions are :-
    1. (other than the larger sinks and increased air flow is there anything else I can/should do ?
    2. How long should I use the heat gun and on which chips, just the GPU/Cpu or on the 4 smaller chips too ?
    3. Is it the Anna chips that are causing green screen and then E74 errors and if so are the mini heat sinks good/just a gimmick

    Many thanks

    TK :-)

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    Look into a reflow or a reball. No fix in permanent but it's the best

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    In the first instance of this ever happening did u dismantle and clean the dust out only then fire it up or did u go straight into xclamp removal?

    I put mine in the oven m8 are u screwing up the bolts to tightly on the heatsinks?

    load a pic up n lets see what yer done here

    Have u cleaned the contacts on the cables?
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    Any x-clamp, reflow don't help you trust me.
    You needed REPLACE GPU (some time scaller IC too) but there is no 100% new chips in the market. But replace is only way to fully repair your console.
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