good app to watch sports on
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    Default good app to watch sports on

    currently on my android m8 ive got mobdro and kodi installed to watch sports but no live up to sky or cable box
    can anyone help or suggest app or repo or location of good sport channels

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    Yeah Pulse has Castaway/UK TV Now/Operation Robocop in Navx/UK Turk & a lot more
    Sports Channels Options read on:-

    It can via OpenELEC which means Open Embedded Linux Centre however it can also Brick ones box if it's
    flashed with the wrong firmware so it's not worth the risk however M8S+ which advertises to have 2GB
    of RAM (Memory) & which actually has about 1.5 GB of RAM however I've found the best way to use the
    Android boxes is to reset them via holding in a matchstick in the AV Button @ the back reset the box to
    it's Factory Default in other words wipe it clean via the Android Upset Stomach Window (Wipe All Data)
    & Reload go back to the beginning create a Google Play A/c (Email & Password) but don't use your Android
    Box to buy things over the Net in other words Skip Paypal A/c etc etc just use it to access Google Apps
    In Google Apps via Google Play scroll down too or type in search Column 360 Total Security this keeps
    it ticking over nicely by doing regular scans I personally use 360 Total Security all the time it also keeps
    Viruses & Malware @ bay after installing & scanning with 360 TS go back into Google Play then Google Apps
    type in the Search Column "Kodi" this will find "Kodi Version 16" install it which does not take long then
    with a Mini Wireless Keypad & Android Remote go to "Programs" select "Ok" then scroll to "System" next
    one along then down to "File Manager" then with Wireless Keypad Cursor click on Enter Column which
    will bring up another small column box in said Enter Column type http://pulsewizard.UK/zip exactly like
    I've typed it & this will download "Pulse" which give you access to untold amount of Movies/Sport/TV Programs
    Music/Kids Stuff/Fitness Stuff from all over Terra Firma (Planet Earth) it basically covers everything I'm
    not kidding talk about fully loaded "Pulse Jarvis" is the best build out there no kidding it's superb but
    what I've noticed is that it's down to Broadband Speed as regards to Live Streaming not Memory or
    CPU it's basically down to Broadband Speed as regards to Live Stream & Buffering mainly Live Sport
    but all the Movies/TV Programs/Music Concerts Etc -Etc all work fine for example under the Live Streams
    Tab in Pulse there is an Ikon named "Titus" in titus the Movies option that has Movies dating from the
    Silent Movies 1930 up until the present day there is also Phoenix/Here Dudes/Awesome Streams
    The 3 Amigos/Turk UK to name a few & untold amount of viewing pleasure @ one's fingertips in-fact
    I'm now away to use my Android Kodi Pulse as I speak it really does open up a whole new viewing
    world in more ways than one & really that's all one needs from the said Android TV Box in a nutshell
    I see there has been a lot of problems with Showbox with all different versions of Showbox going
    down/not working @ all well with Kodi Pulse one does not need Showbox @ all because it covers
    all what Showbox has to offer & a lot more check it out folks you will see what I'm referring too
    a whole new viewing world in more ways than one so sit back & enjoy laters folks BJTT :-) :-)



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