Winols 501 or 502 or ECM Titanium or Swiftec which one to choose
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    [QUOTE=vcp;2691741]It's COMPLETELY NOT TRUE.

    With Swiftec you have same level of freedom as OLS have, featured Map Manager (FREE), and special modules to help build own map packs, also Swiftec offer map packs if you want make your job faster or does not have big experience with creation of map packs youself. If you compare OLS/ECM/RACE or some other edition tool, with Swiftec you get lots of modules that other tools not even dream to have, it's TORQ/DPF/EGR/DTC/ADBLUE/MAF/FLAPS/SL/STARTSTOP/O2/LC Removal modules, and it's also included to base version of Swiftec.

    Map manager is here: *******************

    Swiftec have FREE and included autodetection of maps for Bosch MSA, EDC15, EDC16, EDC17; Delphi (include Trucks); Denso (include Trucks); Lucas; Motorola MEMS NNN, Perkins, Trucks; Phoenix (John Deere); Siemens MSE, MSD, Rotax, SIM2K; Temic; TRW (EMS2); Visteon. It covers much more ECU's than OLS can do. Here's more information: ***************
    And it also have module what OLS does not have, which name maps and put conversion values, so it build map pack automatically and FREE for you. Module "Automatical maps recognition" for Bosch EDC7/EDC15/EDC16/EDC17/ME7/MED17, Delphi DCM/CRD, Denso, Lucas Trucks, Marelli MJD, Motorola EMS/MEMSNNN, Siemens MSD80/SID/SIM2K/PCR/PPD, Temic Trucks ECUs. Here's more information: *************************************

    i was talking about titani C

    I think that swiftec is a good product and the price is also ok there is a lot of work hidden that software

    but it's not true about that it not cover ecu's that winols can't do ... i can even edit a wood pellet burners software in winols :-D for that one it's a hex/dec editor .... but it can do that ecu even if winols was basically made for vehicles not for machines
    it can even dtc off that wood pellet burner ...

    basically winols not offer all that map search and features that you talked about but

    with my personnal ols config i can also do all that stuff trq -fap - dtc -adblue map maf swirl -speed limiter launch controls lambda immo off or auto create map with description factors axis etc and zone detection revealing of complete dtc tables or juste one dtc all and also singles can been found automatically
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