Can anyone help??
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    Default Can anyone help??


    I've got a problem with a Duo clone that I can't get sorted.

    I accidentally ran a pen with a "magibox" bootloader that I use for Cloud4 boxes.

    Now the duo will not accept a standard flash via usb because it is looking for a "magibox" file system on the pen. I have tried magibox images but when flashing the process never finishes and box wont boot afterwards stays on "starting". Obviously the magibox image is incompatible with Duos.

    I need this box to accept a standard duo image but because it is now set up to take incompatible magibox images the box is bricked.

    Is there a way to convert a standard Duo bootloader to Magibox format, flash this to the box, then the box should take the standard Duo images again.

    Or is there another solution?

    I hope that's a clear description of my issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    as been a clone you have to use correct images for that would need the bootloader by the clone maker then the many different clone manufacturers have done this model?



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