Commando 15.1d for DM500S or DM500C Release image 11/03/2016
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    Default Commando 15.1d for DM500S or DM500C Release image 11/03/2016

    Posting on behalf of Al. Download package includes instructions on how to flash etc

    Just over three months since C15.1c release on 25 November 2015, but hardly a day has gone by since then without ongoing dev, ready for this C15.1d release. Nothing major, nor dramatic, it's all been about:

    • Optimization of scripts and daemons for increased speed and robustness
    • Updated Helpfiles (including a set for DM500C), previously neglected, doh)
    • New SML Menu for DM500C (thanks, deejay!) with new Helpfile for it
    • Bang up to date channel listings for both tuner types, as of today 12/03/16
    • Vastly improved disaster recovery measures for wrong SML choice on cable
    • New backdrop for DM500S Radio Mode / ABs Fast Mode / GetEPG Load
    • New backdrop for DM500C Radio Mode / ABs VM (as ISS screenie NOT cable)
    • Accent characters (like RT?) in the OSD now handled correctly on DM500S
    • Disaster prevention on DM500C- won't allow ABs VM until SML is correct!
    • User sort now saved for DM500S ABs when toggling Parental on and off

    ...along with ongoing testing and feedback on the various modules, thanks to our team of Usual Suspects, LOL! Thanks to them, and for their input and suggestions. No names, no packdrill, but they know who they are...

    As always- ENJOY! Renny and AL

    ps: Some feedback which is so thin on the ground as to be non-existant is from DM500C users over there in the Republic of Ireland. Does this image work for you? Do we require a new cables.xml and helpfile for RoI? We have no way of testing...
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    Sorry, but two bugs reported on DM500S so far and here are the new files that fix them. Just knock off the .txt extensions before you FTP them to the indicated folders to overwrite the 11/03/2016 files of the same name:


    (Bug: ABs failed to write new custom_sort file after editing Bouquets in BE )


    (bug: No GetEPG Wizard Menu; fix- MarkieVee)

    Cheers- AL (all my fault, as usual...)
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    Default Commando 15 1d for DM500S or DM500C Release image 11/03/2016

    I'm having trouble locating an Lubuntu Desktop SD Image . Does anyone know of any that work for the CubieTruck? Or even Ubuntu Desktop or Xubuntu ?



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