15.0d zapping my channels after a scan on dm500s
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    Default 15.0d zapping my channels after a scan on dm500s


    I have had this problem for a while but finally thought I would try to resolve it.

    I had cause to swap a box in bedroom and the missus said that talking pictures was now missing.

    Going in to settings to add a channel I noticed that both the sky and the 28.2 were blank so I rescanned.

    On doing so it said (parental something or other) adult channels have now been removed.
    However it actually removed ALL channels and the usual bouquets.

    SML & create autobouquets does put the bouquets back but there is nothing in them

    I am reflashing the box but would like to retrieve that channel for her because on the saved flash I use it does not have it for some reason.

    I suppose a fresh flash could help but I do like the way I have everything set up (minus of course that missing film channel)

    Anyone know if there is a workaround please

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    No amount of tweaking helped, it just kept returning the error "no valid channel found" then after a rescan it did exactly the same.
    Have re obtained a virgin 15.0d and will play with that, will reset the parental stuff in autobouquet to prevent it happening again.
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    use the newer version just dont forget to add the updated files posted aswell


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    Yes- C15.1d (11 Mar 2016) is on here, which does sat and cable dm500. Why are you still on old kit? Please reflash the latest image, then apply the two little patch fixes in it.

    Then SML, ABs and Bob's your cross-dressing Aunt!

    Rumours have it that the upcoming C15.1e image release will re-instate Online Updates - but this time, much more cunningly, much faster, much more automatically, in fact.. It will check at each reboot and if there are updates available- whoosh!! All done in a few seconds in the background..

    All that BLUE > BLUE will now report in BLUE at the bottom is 'image update status' - it's now only a feedback item, NOT a user action item any more. There will be three possible descriptors down there:

    [Image has auto-updated! Press BLUE] > brings up a more info message
    [Unknown! Press BLUE for more info] > No web! Msg, then Network menu next..
    [Your C15 image is bang up to date!] Nice to see! Pressing BLUE does nowt

    Working well in beta testing, for both cable and sat tuners (the bit we couldn't get our heads around this time last year)

    Cheers- Renny and AL @ TC



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