Hi there all, who knows a bit about the Opel M 1.5.5 ECU's on my opel astra G Coupe(z20let). I had mine remapped to a stage 3 tune 2 years ago but recently my ECU died. I ordered a new one from the UK that supposed to have a stage 3 map on but im nervous to just put it in without having someone with some knowledge take a look at it. I have downloaded the map on my new ECU and can upload it to anybody with more knowledge, I spoke to the tuner here who did my stage 3 remap but he wants to charge me for a new remap as he wont supply me my old one or look at the new one.
upgrades I have is as follows - k04 turbo upgrade, full front intercooler, downpipe full exhaust and decat as well as gas flowed head.

thanks so much.

im here in South Africa if that makes a factor.