BlackHole IPTV v20 NC3

Vu+ Solo : BlackHole IPTV v20 NC3 (Ferrari V3)

BlackHole IPTV v20 by MastaG with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels) for Japhar NC3 SuperSim3

- Original cvs.
- Blazing fast.
- GStreamer
- Using the mx-hq9w skin (which is their latest official skin they are using atm).
- Backported fixes from OpenPLi, including a fix for a possible GS.
- Applied Dreambox specific fixes for ac3/dts bypass support.
- Applied backports from official PLi to support the latest gstreamer and eLogging interface.
- Implemented the official Vu+ addon manager using the Green button (inside the Blue panel).
- Feeds online.

Thank you MastaG !

Enjoy !

DM500HD :!KYxyhbAb!JBcj6O0LE...z3Al-nc-452rsM