A lone diver plunges into the dark reaches of the ocean in search of answers. With untold beauty and terrible danger drifting through the waters, the diver will uncover the truth of the world. Abzu launches this week on PS4.
Developed by the team at Giant Squid, Abzu explores the beauty of the ocean with free-flowing gameplay and incredible visuals. Seek out answers, or luxuriate in the wonders of life beneath the waves. If you enjoy games like Flower or Journey, Abzu was made just for you.
But that?s only the beginning of this week?s lineup! Puzzle fans, prepare: Tricky Towers hits PS4 this week, and it?s free for PS Plus members! Build up a mighty tower faster than your opponents and use spells to disrupt their game. With single-player challenges and multiplayer support, Tricky Towers will keep you playing.
For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!